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Product Support

Front line support will normally be provided by the dealer from whom you purchased the product. Please contact them in the first instance.

  • They have the records of your purchase and what advice they gave you
  • They will be familiar with how you are using the product and the console you are using it with
  • They are probably in the same time zone unless you're on a world tour

Further support can be obtained from your local distributor who is responsible for importing the product and maintaining the dealer network within your territory. Please note, however, that although we cannot prevent cross border sales, especially within the EU where the open market demands that cross border selling is permitted, you cannot expect the local distributor to support you or your product if you did not purchase through their company.

Support can also be obtained via email from our support team at JoeCo's head office. Please contact us at and we will endeavour to get an answer back to you within 24 hours.


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