BlackBox Recorder


The BLACKBOX RECORDER is the first large-scale multi-channel recorder specifically designed for audio acquisition and capturing live performance without the use of a computer. Occupying just one rack unit of space and available in both analogue and digital variants, the regular BBR1 BlackBox Recorder can record or replay up to 24 channels of 24bit / 96kHz audio in Broadcast WAV (BWAV) format.

The BBR64-MADI and BBR64-DANTE versions of the recorder can record or replay up to 64 channels at standard sample rates, while still retaining the compact physical dimensions that are a feature of all BlackBox products. (On these systems, higher sample rate recording is accommodated at a reduced track count.) Multiple units can be linked together if larger track counts are required.

Audio is recorded direct to an external USB2 disk drive or USB Flash drive (FAT32 formatted). Files can then be instantly imported into any Mac- or PC-based Digital Audio Workstation for editing, remixing and re-purposing.


The BLACKBOX PLAYER is a dedicated multi-channel playback option that has been specifically designed for replaying backing tracks or multiple surround stems for live shows and themed entertainment. Based on the same technology as the BlackBox Recorder, the BlackBox Player can simultaneously replay up to 64 channels of high quality audio at up to 24bit / 96kHz, without requiring a computer.

Playback material can be loaded from any Digital Audio Workstation capable of creating files in Broadcast WAV format. Multiple alternative playlists can be stored on a standard USB2 drive, or Flash RAM drive, and automatically cued ready for instantaneous replay.

Simple to operate, the BlackBox Player can be controlled via the intuitive front panel, MIDI, 9-pin, QWERTY keyboard or a simple footswitch. The Player is also available as a software add-on for existing BlackBox Recorder users.


Remote control of the BlackBox Recorder and BlackBox Player is now possible via iPad using JoeCoRemote. Developed for use with a range of iPad models, the JoeCoRemote app, in combination with a specially designed hardware interface, can be used to remotely control any 24-channel or 64-channel BlackBox Recorder/Player. JoeCoRemote offers both wireless and wired connectivity between the iPad and the BlackBox.


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