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JoeCo ships new BBR1MP RecorderJoeCo ships new BBR1MP Recorder

September 2014 – 24 channels, 24 integrated high-quality mic pres and 24bit/96k quality, all in 1 rack unit.

JoeCo ships new BBR1MP Recorder

JoeCo ships new BBR1MP RecorderJoeCo is shipping the latest addition to its award-winning BlackBox family of live multi-channel audio recorders and players - the new flagship BlackBox BBR1MP Recorder. The 24-channel, stand-alone, live audio acquisition solution delivers all the standard BlackBox functionality, while featuring 24 high-quality in-house developed microphone preamps, operating at up to 24bit/96kHz, which are integrated into the recorder's tiny 1U housing.

Primarily designed with the broadcast engineer and sound location recordist in mind, the BBR1MP Recorder offers a range of connection options including individually switchable mic/line inputs, balanced outputs, video sync, timecode and word clock inputs. User installable Dante and MADI interface cards are also available as options, adding 24 channels of Dante or MADI i/o to the BBR1MP unit. Microphones can either be connected to the unit via tails from the rear D-Sub connectors, or via an optional 2U breakout panel with XLR connectors. System components are available individually or as part of a bundle.

Audio is recorded direct to external USB2/3 drive in Broadcast WAV format for instant ingest into post production. Alongside the BBR1MP's multi-channel recording capabilities, provision is included for creating a simultaneous stereo mixdown. Full support for iXML data is also provided. The BBR1MP will run off a 12V power source. Unused channels and features can be disabled in order to preserve battery life on location.

The unit is fully controllable via JoeCoRemote for iPad. This includes the facility to set up individual mic pre channel parameters - level, mic/line, phantom power, hi-pass filter, soft limiter and phase reverse. Levels are shown on high resolution meters and the monitor mix can be adjusted using expandable channel strips with graphic faders, pan, solo, mute and other parameter controls.

"We're delighted to be shipping our new flagship BBR1MP Recorder" says JoeCo's Joe Bull. "Customers have been seeking a more compact complete solution to their multi-track audio recording needs and the BBR1MP will fill this gap in the market admirably. Squeezing this many high quality mic preamps into such a compact solution has been a challenge but we are thrilled with the results."

JoeCo BlackBoxes capture "something completely different"JoeCo BlackBoxes capture "something completely different"

June 2014 – BBR64-MADI systems record Monty Python Live shows at the 02.

JoeCo BlackBoxes capture "something completely different"

JoeCo BlackBoxes capture "something completely different"Three JoeCo BlackBox BBR64-MADI Recorders are capturing audio from some of the world’s best-loved sketches and catchphrases at the Monty Python Live shows in London’s 02 arena. The 64-channel MADI systems form part of recording engineer Matt Bainbridge’s arsenal of equipment that is being used to record 168 channels of audio split over three MADI streams.

Bainbridge, of BlueCat Professional Audio Consultancy Ltd., who is responsible for the multi-track recording of each show commented: 'We needed units that would be reliable, easy to set-up and leave unattended at times. The JoeCo's fitted the bill perfectly. In addition to their audio quality, the ability to use just one unit as a master device has also proved very useful.'

JoeCo's BBR64-MADI Recorder is widely used for live audio capture and acquisition in a range of performance, broadcast, film & TV sound applications. Occupying just one unit of rack space, the recorder can capture the full 64 channels of MADI data, at standard sample rates, directly to external USB2 drive in Broadcast WAV format, ready for instant re-purposing. Multiple units can be stacked for larger track counts. Audio captured by the BBR64MADI systems at the 02 shows will be used for archive material, or supplementary audio on any future "live" releases.

The BBR64-MADI Recorders have been supplied for the shows by Richmond Film Services, London.

BlackBox software v. now available BlackBox software v. now available

June 2014 – Latest software update includes enhanced JoeCoRemote support and new Player features.

BlackBox software v. now available

BlackBox software v. now availableJoeCo’s latest BlackBox system software update contains a number of features designed to enhance workflow on the BlackBox Recorder, Player and JoeCoRemote.

For BlackBox Recorder users, improvements have been made to playback support. The release also contains improved support for both the JoeCoRemote hardware and iPad app – BBR1 and BBR64 range – with improved connectivity via WiFi and more robust code when using the physical wired interface to the iPad. More reliable support for 5GHz WiFi operation is included, as is improved support for password changing in WiFi setup.

For BlackBox Player users, the addition of an autoplay default playlist mode on power up means that the first song in the default playlist will automatically load and play when the Player is powered up. Used with Autoplay next song and repeat playlist, this feature is designed for unattended continuous playback in installations – i.e. daily playback of default material using just a power switch! The Player can now also enter continuous playback and pause playback using 9-pin control or MIDI control.

This latest software update supports both old style and new style front panel boards, as well as new LCD modules. A number of bug fixes have also been included.

Version software and a full update summary can be downloaded free of charge from the End User area of the website.

JoeCo BlackBoxes achieve French track recordJoeCo BlackBoxes achieve French track record

December 2013 – BBR64MADI systems capture 224 channels of live audio at Lorraine de Choeur 2013.

JoeCo BlackBoxes achieve French track record

JoeCo BlackBoxes achieve French track recordFour JoeCo BlackBox BBR64MADI systems were recently used for virtual sound checking and recording 224 channels of audio at one of France's largest and most impressive live music events. The Lorraine de Choeur 2013, held in the Galaxie d'Amneville, featured a 2000-strong choir, soloists, a 50-piece orchestra and electric band under the direction of Jacky Locks. The event takes place every two years and this year's performances attracted audiences from far and wide.

Philippe Barguirdjian, Technical Director of DUSHOW, and his sound team were responsible for mixing and recording the three shows, each of which lasted around four hours. For rehearsals, four linked BBR64MADI systems were connected directly to the front-of-house DiGiCo SD7 and SD10 consoles. Here, the recorder’s virtual soundcheck facility came into its own, enabling singers to save their voices ready for the shows, while Barguirdjian and team worked tirelessly on perfecting mixes in the large concert hall. The team also used the JoeCoRemote for iPad extensively for remote control. For the actual shows, the systems were racked, with 56 channels of MADI recorded by each.

"I am used to recording this kind of show, but 224 channels was a 'first' for me" says Barguirdjian. "Linking the BBR units was very easy and their small footprint is excellent. Once we had selected the right hard drives, the whole process became extremely straightforward and stable. During recording we were also able to insert Markers by simply pressing the Record button – a convenient feature when capturing a long show. The JoeCoRemote for iPad also helped us a lot."

Selected audio from the three performances will be used on a DVD. The BBR64MADI systems were supplied to Dushow by JoeCo's French distributor SCV Audio, Paris.

Photos: Jean-Luc Karcher.

JoeCo BlackBox software v3.0.1.0 releasedBlackBox software v3.0.1.0 released

November 2013 – JoeCo's new system software update (v3.0.1.0) is now available for download.

BlackBox software v3.0.1.0 released

JoeCo BlackBox software v3.0.1.0 releasedJoeCo's new system software update for the BlackBox range of multi-channel audio recorders and players (v3.0.1.0) is now available for download. The update fully supports the JoeCoRemote hardware and JoeCoRemote iPad app on 24-channel BBR1 and 64-channel BBR64 MADI and DANTE systems. JoeCoRemote offers remote control and operation of any BlackBox Recorder or Player via iPad and this latest software update includes improved connectivity via WiFi and more robust coding for use of the interface and iPad in Wired mode.

Several new features have also been added to enhance BlackBox Recorder workflow, with improvements to Track Name templates, Sony 9-pin control and Master/Slave playback when using multiple units together for higher track counts. There are also more options for footswitch control enabling hands-free placement of Markers and the ability to toggle between Record/Stop and Play/Stop.

Enhancements to the BlackBox Player include failover improvements whereby the failover tone now switches over on disk errors and audio data load errors as well as on simple power failures, providing additional security during live use. For playback applications in installations and venues such as museums, a new Autoplay mode will automatically load and play the next song without requiring an external cue and can also loop the playlist back to the start if continuous audio playback is required. The software update adds further support for polywav files. This enables stereo and multi-channel WAV files to be used for playback as well as regular mono files. Polywavs can also be recorded using JoeCo's iXML plug-in.

Version supports BlackBox models with both old- and new-style front panel boards. The update can be downloaded free of charge from the End User area of the website.

JoeCo appoints Professional Audio Technology for AustraliaJoeCo appoints Professional Audio Technology for Australia

November 2013 – New distributor for BlackBox range of recorders and players.

JoeCo appoints Professional Audio Technology for Australia

JoeCo appoints Professional Audio Technology for AustraliaJoeCo has appointed Professional Audio Technology Pty Ltd (PAT) to distribute the BlackBox range of multi-channel live audio recorders and players in Australia. Based in Hornsby, New South Wales, PAT adds JoeCo to a comprehensive portfolio of pro audio brands that cover a range of markets including Broadcast, Live Sound, Conferencing and Hire.

Since launching the first BlackBox Recorder in 2009, JoeCo has established an award-winning series of computer-free 24- and 64-channel 1U recording and playback systems that are compatible with virtually all analogue and digital consoles and other equipment. Various I/O options are available including MADI, DANTE, AES, Lightpipe and analogue. Audio is recorded directly to an external USB2 drive in Broadcast WAV format and can be instantly re-purposed for archiving, re-mixing or post production applications.

"We are very pleased to welcome Professional Audio Technology to our international distributor network" says JoeCo's Joe Bull. "With BlackBox users now active in a wide range of markets, it was important for us to find the right representative to support the varying needs of these diverse customer groups. We are therefore delighted to be working with Patrick Salloch and team and look forward to taking the brand forward in Australia."

"We are delighted to have been chosen by JoeCo as their Australian distributor and are looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship between our companies" says Patrick Salloch, Managing Director of PAT. “We feel that the BlackBox recorders and players are a fantastic addition to our existing product range and cater for specific needs within our customer base."

JoeCo demo stock is now available at Professional Audio Technology and customer enquiries are welcome.

tel: (+61) 02-9476 1272

IBC preview for latest addition to BlackBox familyIBC preview for upcoming addition to BlackBox family

September 2013 – New BlackBox BBR1MP Recorder to be unveiled at IBC 2013.

IBC preview for upcoming addition to BlackBox family

IBC preview for latest addition to BlackBox familyVisitors to IBC will be treated to a sneak preview of JoeCo's future addition to its BLACKBOX family of multi-channel recorders and players (Stand 8.E97). Designed with the broadcast and location recording customer in mind, the new BlackBox BBR1MP Recorder is a 24-channel, 1U recorder housing 24 high-quality microphone preamps operating at up to 24bit/96k.

The unit will feature a range of connection options including individually switchable mic/line inputs and balanced outputs, video sync, time code and word clock inputs and an optional Dante interface. There will also be an optional 2U breakout box. Alongside the unit's multi-channel recording capabilities, provision is also included for creating a simultaneous stereo mixdown. Full support for iXML data is provided.

The BBR1MP will run off a 12V power source. Unused channels and features can be disabled in order to preserve battery life on location. The unit will also be fully controllable via iPad using JoeCoRemote.

"Many existing customers regularly use their BlackBox Recorders directly linked to third party mic pre-amps, but would like a more compact and elegant solution, so our decision to move in this direction is, once again, customer driven" says JoeCo's Joe Bull. The new BBR1MP is a practical answer for broadcast engineers and location sound recordists working in Film and TV, as well as for live engineers, combining quality and ease of use with size and weight advantages. As more and more audio material has to be captured in multi-channel format to be repurposed for surround broadcasts and other deliverables, a fully integrated BBR1MP recorder with high-quality converters, conveniently sized for field /location use, has many advantages for different broadcast applications."

The new BBR1MP is expected to be available in early 2014.

JoeCo develops new BlackBox Industrial Recorders for SiemensJoeCo develops new BlackBox Industrial Recorders for Siemens

September 2013 – New industrial data recorders take JoeCo into a new market sector.

JoeCo develops new BlackBox Industrial Recorders for Siemens

JoeCo develops new BlackBox Industrial Recorders for SiemensJoeCo has developed and supplied a quantity of new BlackBox industrial data recorders for Siemens Industrial Turbo Machinery AB in Sweden. Siemens are using the BlackBox Industrial Recorder (BBR-IND) units as part of a test campaign to assist in the measurement of their gas turbines.

The bespoke 24-channel, 3U rack-mountable systems are based on BlackBox Recorder technology. The units feature highly accurate and dc stable input and output circuitry, with additional software and hardware functionality specifically geared towards industrial data recording and measurement applications.

Greger Svanström, Senior Engineer in Measurement Technique/Product Development, who led the team specifying Siemens' requirement, said, "The BBR Industrial has proved a valuable tool for gathering large scale measurement data. The use of a standard file format for post processing in our preferred software, combined with playback capabilities that enable us to reproduce recorded data for use in other types of online analyzing equipment, has streamlined our development process."

"We've been delighted to have the opportunity of developing the new BBR Industrial recorders for Siemens, taking BlackBox technology into a new market", says JoeCo's Joe Bull. "In addition to more conventional audio recording applications, some of our standard systems have already been used for more diverse projects, so this latest product development is in many ways a logical step forward. At the same time, we would want to stress that development of our standard 24- and 64-channel BlackBox Recorders and Players continues apace and expect further product announcements in the very near future."


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