The BlackBox Player 24 Track • 24 Bit • 96 kHz
JoeCo BlackBox Player

The BLACKBOX PLAYER offers a choice of analogue and digital output options:

BBP1U with Unbalanced analogue i/o

Designed for use with standard analogue mixing consoles
Cabling included: 3 x 1/4” multicore looms – TASCAM analogue format – for connection into insert points on console

BBP1B with Balanced analogue i/o

Designed for use with mixing consoles that have balanced insert points or balanced group outputs.
Cabling not supplied, but available to order.

BBP1A with Lightpipe digital i/o

Designed for use with mixing consoles that support Lightpipe (TOSlink). Unbalanced analogue i/o functionality also available for situations where the Lightpipe interface is not suitable.
Cabling not supplied, but available to order.

BBP1D with AES/EBU digital i/o

Designed for use with digital mixing consoles that have AES/EBU inputs and outputs
Unbalanced analogue functionality also available (switchable)
Cabling not supplied, but available to order.

See Specifications for further details.

NEW! BlackBox Player capability now available for 64-channel MADI and DANTE systems



  • Provides simultaneous playback of up to 64 tracks in up to 24 Bit / 96kHz quality. No computer needed. Now supports the replay of polyphonic wav files.
  • Enables playback files to be loaded from any Digital Audio Workstation capable of creating Broadcast WAV files. Audio can be stored on USB2 hard drive, Flash drive or SDHC card via USB2 connector.
  • Uses a simple naming procedure to ensure that the correct file is replayed through each output.
  • Is now available for 24- and 64-channel systems, offering analogue unbalanced and balanced output options as well as digital AES/EBU and Lightpipe, MADi and DANTE.
  • Offers intuitive front panel, keyboard or footswitch operation for total control during the performance.
  • Configures set lists into simple XML format playlist files. Multiple playlists can be stored for different shows.
  • Enables separate foldback mixes to be configured using normal facilities on the console. An additional mix can be sent via the headphone output for the musical director.
  • Can be configured to an incoming source of digital clock, or optionally word clock (BBP1A and BBP1D only).
  • Has integrated safety features including a built-in automated fail-over mechanism.
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